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About Me

I'm a qualified, practising coach and facilitator.

If you sit next to me long enough, I'll have you doing a free writing exercise, or two. I believe writing is the most useful tool we have, either to find, come back to or express ourselves. Oh, and to have fun. I run workshops and coaching groups, for life and for writing.  

I enjoy writing about life and its plentiful challenges and publish several blogs (details below). 

CP's Day Off is my constant reminder to not take my life and being a grown up too seriously, whilst taking responsibility for my actions and allowing 'life' to take care of the rest.  

Claire Pearce




Free writing

Writing stuff* down has been around for a very long time. Some use it for creativity, some for personal reflection by externalising the internal, and others, just for fun. It's also known as stream of consciousness writing, wild writing, or free flow writing.

The main idea is to start writing from some kind of prompt**, then, keep the pen moving - for a short, timed period. Whatever you do, don't edit or worry about grammar or any corrections - just move forwards and don't look back.

Essentially that's it. It can bring up creative ideas if that's your thing, just be a way to start your day and get the first thing in the morning clutter out the way (as in Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages) or insights about yourself and different perspectives which help to see things as they are, not just our version of them. 

"Why can't I just free write on my own?" I hear you ask. You absolutely can, and I recommend it with all my heart. I do it almost every day. There are tonnes of books and Apps with prompts galore, so yes, go for it if that's your thing.

The reason I'm so passionate about it being a shared experience is that, well, it's a shared experience. It's fun. Your writing can really go somewhere different when you're writing with other people. Finally, and only if you're ever happy to, you can really get deeper insight and broader perspective by sharing what you write. Hearing yourself reading your own words can be really powerful, as well as the connection in being seen and heard whilst doing so. It's incredibly powerful during coaching. You will inevitably write things you wouldn't necessarily think to say, or write things with a different spin; always leading to deeper understanding.

*'Stuff' is my technical term for the thoughts that scramble around our brains 24 hours a day.

**A 'prompt' could be something as

simple as a word, or a random sentence from a book or article, a thought, or an overheard sentence from someone in the street.

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