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Get out of your head, start writing...

Coach yourself with a Pen is a two and a half hour experiential course to give people simple tools to help them coach themselves.

The course will leave people with:

* An understanding of coaching principles

* Hands-on experience of coaching themselves

* Easy to use tools and techniques to approach challenges and opportunities, both personal and business

* Next steps for an existing goal/issue​

* Confidence to tackle problems and challenges

* A way to support wellbeing and build resilience

"Coach Yourself With A Pen unlocked some quite profound revelations for me about what was going on inside my head and helped me identify some practical actions I could take to address a particular issue. Sessions with Claire are always a joy, always provide unexpected insight, and are always a great opportunity to explore interesting exercises in a supportive and encouraging environment."

Annie P

"I really enjoyed the  course and left feeling inspired and with plenty of practical tools that I can make use of in the future - many thanks Claire." Sarah

For teams, contact me now to find out how I can help.

For individuals, the next course takes place on 21 and 28 September 2002