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Everyone would benefit from coaching, but providing it is a tall order.

That’s why I’ve developed Coach yourself with a Pen, a two and a half hour experiential course to give people simple tools to help them coach themselves.

The course will leave people with:

* An understanding of coaching principles

* Hands-on experience of coaching themselves

* Easy to use tools and techniques to approach challenges and opportunities, both personal and business

* Next steps for an existing goal/issue​

* Confidence to tackle problems and challenges

* A way to support well-being

​I've developed the techniques we use from creative writing, journaling, coaching and facilitation disciples, and having run hundreds of workshops using writing. It forms a methodology I call 'The Write Idea.' No experience, ability, and especially no grammar is required. The writing we use is suitable for everyone.

For teams, contact me now to find out how I can help your teams to build more resilience, get a sense of agency and make their work, and life more enjoyable.

For individuals, next course takes place on 21 and 28 September 2002 (2 sessions per course). Click for more info.