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Creative Confidence


I talk a lot about Creative Confidence. Here's what I mean:

Creative Confidence means that, regardless of the role I play in life or the position I hold in business, I feel I have a meaningful contribution to make; to tackle and solve problems, reach goals and come up with ideas.

When people feel creatively confident they will tackle more, believe they have something to offer and persevere for longer. Tom and David Kelley wrote about Creative Confidence in their inspiring book.

Working with writing and journaling helps to build creative confidence by giving everyone the opportunity to:

  • Let go, express themselves 

  • Surface different aspects of themselves – be seen and heard

  • Capture stories

  • Exercise writing muscle and imagination

  • Access untapped inner resources including creativity

  • Externalise their internal landscape

  • Feel confident about what they have to offer 

  • Have some fun

  • Practice active listening leading to open and flexible thinking

Creative Confidence also supports wellbeing, builds resilience and makes life altogether better.

To watch a recording of my talk 'Permission to be Creative' click here.