The Write Idea course

Creative problem-solving


Everyday creativity for everyone

Are your teams feeling overwhelmed, disengaged, disempowered? Do they lack autonomy in their work and connection to your vision?

​Having teams who feel empowered and engaged with their work, and each other, is more of a challenge than ever. Creative solutions are vital to adapt to changes in the workplace, both to the way we work and to the work itself.

That’s why I’ve developed The Write Idea, a course to help teams - no matter what their job title - to feel courageous and capable when it comes to tackling challenges and solving problems creatively. 


​We're all creative, pretty much every day when it comes to solutions (beermat under a wobbly table anyone?) Sometimes, we just need to be reminded.

The Write Idea is a two and half hour experiential course designed to empower and equip people with new tools and techniques, as well the confidence to try using them. It’s both fun and useful.

The course will leave people with:

* A better understanding of what creativity is and why it’s important

* Evidence of how they are already creative, every day

* Easy to use tools and techniques to approach challenges and opportunities

* Permission, courage and confidence to be creative

* Ideas of how they can develop a more creative mindset

* Actions for developing their creativity

​* Connection to their sense of play

* A way to support their well-being - these tools are transferable for personal as well as work challenges.

I introduce people to simple, easy to use techniques developed from creative writing, journaling, coaching and facilitation techniques. No experience, ability or even interest in writing is required. The writing we use is for everyone.

Contact me now to find out how I can help your teams to recognise and embrace their creativity and help to face challenges, provide solutions and make their work more enjoyable, interesting and even fun.