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Most recently I've worked the following public deliberations:

* Ipsos - Climate adaptation (April 2022)

* NatCen - The role of Biomass in achieving Net Zero (June 2022)

In addition to working as a Freelance Facilitator, I've also created my own methodology called Write Thinking which is great for idea generation, surfacing insights and perspectives, scene setting, energisers and more.



Working One:One can give you valuable headspace to get perspective and insight, helping you to make the changes you want - to live the life you want.

​There are several ways to do this.

Creativity Coaching

Great for:

Unleashing creativity

Staying on track

Accountability and encouragement

Practicing skills and building habits

Overcoming creative block

Tackling 'permission' 

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Life Coaching 

Great for:

Getting unstuck and making change happen

Creating headspace

Gaining clarity and focus

Reducing overwhelm

Understanding who you are and what you want

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Prompt Prescription (email coaching)

​Great for:

Getting unstuck and unblocked

Creating headspace

Gaining clarity and focus

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More details


Creativity Coaching

£60 - £120 per hour (individual)

(Concessions for NHS/Not for profit)

For writing

My role as your Creativity Coach is to help you achieve your creative goals. I'll help you to stay on track, develop and practice your creativity and face blocks that arise along the way.


Life Coaching (Zoom)

£60 - 120per hour (individual)

(concessions for NHS/Not for profit)

Life can be hard. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re pre-disposed to over-thinking, indecision, catastrophizing (don’t take me on, I’ll win) and getting caught in the spin cycle, you know, where you go round and round in circles.

It feels impossible to stop and take a breath, to check in with what you really want and who you really are amongst all the noise. You’re getting by, but not really living. It’s no fun and I know because I've been there.

If you’re feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed, I can help you to get some headspace and clarity and make changes in your life. I’m not talking about big dramatic changes, though these are often what we crave when we’re backed into a corner. Small changes can make a big difference and in my experience people just need to come back to themselves where they mostly find they have all they need.

First we'll chat to see if we'd like to work together, then we'll set up a first session if that feels right. I normally recommend six to ten sessions every other week, but some prefer weekly, some less sessions, some more. This can all be arranged to suit what you're looking for.

We all have mental health. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes, not so good. Whilst I believe writing is incredibly healing as well as useful, writing is never going to replace professional intervention if you need additional support, though it can be incredibly helpful alongside therapeutic work. If you're unsure what help you might need, I can help you to explore what's available. 


Prompt Prescription - One:one email coaching

£35 - Five prompts (to be used within one month)

£55 - One month unlimited (to be used within one month)

Prompt Prescription is an Email coaching service. As with one to one coaching, it aims to help you work through specific goals and challenges, but with Prompt Prescription we use writing (via email) instead of speaking.


In summary, here's how it works:

1. You tell me about your current challenge or goal, by email.

2. I send you a writing prompt.

3. You write from that prompt.

4. You share what you’ve written and/or your experience of the writing.

5. I send my reflections and a further prompt.

6. Repeat.

​Emails are responded to within 48 hours.

No writing experience is necessary.