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A tool for life

Writing empowers and enables people to become more self-sufficient in managing challenges; in life, in their work. Whether for resilience, as part of the coaching process, or for fun, writing gives people a tool for life.

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Run as a weekly group session or a one-off, writing is an amazing outlet that can enable people to self-manage themselves and navigate challenges. It's also a lot of fun and a great creative outlet. Writing for yourself builds awareness, resilience and uncovers different perspectives and insights.


Promotion to a new role, preparing for retirement and returning to work after having a baby, illness or disability 

all have one thing in common. They are major transitions and getting the right support with those transitions so that they are as healthy and fulfilling  as possible can be critical. Coaching offers 1:1 support for people as they navigate these changes in their lives.

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Run as a one-off or a regular weekly activity, this could really give your staff a place to share, have fun and develop their resilience. Writing can be great fun when done with others. Writing games and free writing give people a chance to express themselves, share and connect with each other and is a great creative outlet too. It can relieve stress, build confidence, help problem-solve, create headspace, generate creative ideas, and so much more.