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One way or another you feel like you've lost a sense of connection, direction, control - in your life, your work, your creative endeavours. Whose life is it that you're living? Where does the time go? 

I create a relaxed, safe space for you to re-discover what you love, and sometimes who you are so you can re-connect with the joy in your life, spend more time doing the things that fulfil you, and dare I say it, feel happier.


I will encourage you to get in touch with all aspects of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly, and to make sure the right one is in charge - trust me, you’re in there somewhere.

If you really want a million dollar lifestyle, I can help you with that too, but in my experience most people just need to come back to  themselves (where they almost always find they have everything they need) in order to feel happier.

About Us  

First, we'll chat for 15/20 minutes (no charge or obligation) to see if coaching might be for you and for us to see if we think we could work well together.   

We’ll work together either by video conference, call or in person if that can work. I also offer an E-mail coaching service - Prompt Prescription - where we use writing prompts to delve into your aspirations/challenges.

As well as discussion, if you're willing, we’ll use free writing (no experience required) to help you dig a little deeper. It’s a great way to uncover insights and get a different perspective on things.  

A note on therapy and counselling. Coaching does rub shoulders with therapy and counselling. I can coach you to help you explore  what might work best for you, if you're unsure. 

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£60 - £120 for 1 hour

Price varies for individual, corporate clients. Discounts are available for those in the third sector, arts and NHS.

Longer and shorter sessions are possible, just get in touch and we can talk it through.

Online sessions (by phone or video conference) are available any day, any time between 7am - 9pm.

Click here if you need to make payment, thank you.


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