Life can be hard. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re pre-disposed to  over-thinking, indecision, catastrophising (don’t take me on, I’ll win) and getting caught in the spin cycle, you know, where you go round and round in circles.

It feels impossible to stop and take a breath, to check in with what we really want and who we really are amongst all the noise. We’re getting by, but not really living. It’s no fun and I should know.

If you’re feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed, I can help you to get some headspace and clarity and make changes in your life. I’m not talking about big dramatic changes, though these are often what we crave when we’re backed into a corner. Small changes can make a big difference and in my experience people just need to come back to themselves where they mostly find they have all they need.

I’ll help you – with the aid of guided writing exercises - to re-discover who you are and what makes you happy, so you can spend more time doing the things that fulfil you, and dare I say it, have an easier, more enjoyable life. Imagine that.

I’ve helped people to unblock their creativity, change career, reduce overwhelm and stress, adjust to more senior positions at work, tackle relationship challenges, take chances on doing the things that they love as well as discovering what those things are. People are left feeling more in control, happier, and hopeful – even excited - about the future.

“Claire was able gently expand both my views and tool sets to better cope and make decisions, helping overcome the cycle of indecision and buffering that I had allowed myself to fall into.” Diana

“I thought I needed motivation to get busier, but I really needed space to figure out what was making me overwhelmed and what was really important to me. I had never done free writing exercises before because I have a blocker about not being a good writer, but Claire led me out of my comfort zone and I was amazed how much clarity we got in such a short period of time.” Stacey

“I worked with Claire over a six week period. A complete novice to free writing (verging on sceptic). I could never have imagined the value to be gained from putting pen to paper and just letting your hand move - the pen taking you in whatever direction it saw fit.” Will

I love to see people surface insights, new perspectives and ‘aha’ moments. Most of all, I love to see them become writing converts and learn to use writing for themselves, a skill for life.

“We usually did one or two 5-min free writing prompts per call, and it would never cease to amaze me what Claire’s thoughtful prompts were able to tease out of me.” Diana

”The free writing prompts carefully chosen for me by Claire in our sessions were one of the most useful skills I have ever developed. Thanks to Claire's guidance I have now learned how to make this a part of my daily life, the benefits of which are amazing.” Grace

As well as face to face (Zoom) coaching, I also offer Prompt Prescription, an e-mail coaching service where we use writing prompts to help you explore, gather insights and make changes. See below for more information.

“Claire's Prompt Prescription has really helped me identify blockages and given me the tools to move ahead.” Caroline

I can help you because I’ve been there. I haven’t nailed it and I don’t have a perfect life, but it’s a whole lot better for having taken the time to invest in myself. Asking for help can be the hardest lesson to learn. I believe it’s the most valuable lesson of all.

Feel free to book in some time in my calendar to chat to me about how I can help.

We all have mental health. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes, not so good. Whilst I believe writing is incredibly healing as well as useful, writing is never going to replace professional intervention if you need additional support, though it can be incredibly helpful alongside therapeutic work. In fact a good number of people I work with have both therapy and coaching, including myself. If you're unsure what help you might need, I can help you to explore what's available. 


Face to Face Zoom (or phone) Coaching 

First we'll chat to see if we'd like to work together, then we'll set up a first session if that feels right. I normally recommend six sessions spread over 12 weeks, but some prefer weekly, some less sessions, some more. This can all be arranged to suit what you're looking for.

In between sessions, you are free to email me with any thoughts or writing you'd like to share.

You also have access to my public workshops for free during the time we work together.


Prompt Prescription 

Prompt Prescription is an E-mail coaching service to help you work through specific goals and challenges - using writing.

In summary, here's how it works:

1. You tell me about your current challenge or goal.

2. I send you a writing prompt.

3. You write from that prompt.

4. You share what you’ve written and/or your experience of the writing.

5. I send you a further prompt.

6. Repeat for as long as you like.

"Prompt Prescription has really helped me identify blockages and given me the tools to move ahead.  Claire was able to see the story behind the story and came up with some amazing prompts." Caroline

"Claire's Prompt Prescription service really helped me get unstuck when I was feeling down about my writing. The prompts helped me explore some of the issues I was facing in a fun way, that proved very enlightening. They followed a progression through my thoughts and feelings that unlocked attitudes and ideas I never would have reached on my own! AP

Some experience of writing for yourself, e.g. journaling, might be helpful, but it's not essential. ​If you’d like to discuss this or anything else, please contact me for a brief chat - no obligation, no charge.



Face to face (Zoom) coaching

£60 - £120 for 1 hour

Price varies for individual and corporate clients. Discounts are available for those in the third sector, arts and NHS.

Longer and shorter sessions are possible, just get in touch and we can talk it through.

Prompt prescription

£35 for up to five prompts (to be be used within one month)

£55 for one month of unlimited prompts

Emails are responded to within 48 hours.

Click here if you need to make payment, thank you.


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