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Life Coaching

Creating space in your life

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About you 

You need some space.  

* Space to remove things that are hindering, not helping you.  

* Space to look at changing how you make a living. 

* Space to get unstuck. 

* Space to know where to begin. 

* Space to work out what it is you actually enjoy.  

* Space to find some meaning and satisfaction in your life.  

* Space to have fun and be happy.  

* Space for whatever you need. 

I’ll help you by creating a safe, encouraging, and occasionally fun space that is just for you. 

About Us  

First, we'll chat for 25-30 minutes (no charge or obligation) to see if coaching might be for you and for us to see if we think we could work well together.   

We’ll work together either by video conference, call or in person if that can work. 

As well as discussion, if you're willing, we’ll use free writing (no experience required) to help you dig a little deeper. It’s a great way to uncover insights and get a different perspective on things.  

A note on therapy. Coaching does rub shoulders with therapy and counselling. If that’s something you’re interested I coach you to help you decide what might work best for you. Therapy, counselling, coaching or a combination. 

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£45 for 1 hour, 15 minutes

£250 for block of six sessions

Longer and shorter sessions are possible, just get in touch and we can talk it through.

Online sessions (by phone or video conference) are available any day, any time between 7am - 9pm.