Time Management Workshops

Knowing what you want more or less of and being prepared to ask for it, I believe, is at the heart of better time management. Building habits, routines, and learning to use your time and energy well will all be much easier once you crack this.

Workshops tackle these topics and more using creative exercises, including free writing (no experience required), to explore, surface insights and give new perspectives. Workshops also give participants tips and tricks as well as key principles to spend more time doing the things they love.

As a part of the coaching process, we use creative writing techniques to unlock your imagination helping you to discover parts of yourself you didn't know or had long forgotten.  

different aspects of your personal and professional life.  Each participant becomes a part of their own coaching which makes each person’s experience tailored to what drives them. 

Workshops can be tailored to both topic and audience. Sets of workshops can be delivered as a course.

Beyond Lockdown - re-setting your course

For many, the change we’ve experienced has challenged our perception of the life we’ve been living. This writing workshop gives you time to reflect on the impact lockdown has had on your life so you can re-set or strengthen your course.

We'll primarily use free writing and discussion to explore what has changed for us, re-look at our priorities and how we might like our lives to be different post lockdown, when things get back to 'normal'.

All by myself - mastering working from home

Working from home can have a whole heap of additional challenges, as well advantages. Creating and managing your own environment, staying motivated and connected with others, keeping teams healthy and engaged, developing a healthy routine and habits, and maintaining a good work/life balance can all be really hard to manage.

This workshop helps participants to take stock of how they’re currently managing their time and energy, share insights and experiences with others and learn new ways to make improvements so they can be their best for themselves, their family, their teams and beyond.

A brief examination of time

This workshop takes a brief look at what time means to you. Do you see it as a resource, something that's running out or stretching ahead endlessly, something you're ruled by, or a meaningless concept?

In order to manage time better, it's good to first get a good understanding of what it means to us and our lives. This workshop will give you a fresh perspective on time and how you  can work more effectively with it.

"You're a hard habit to make"

making time for the things you love

What most people want, is a bit more time for themselves. Time to be healthier, be more creative, read more, be still. Starting a new habit is hard. Really hard. That's why you can buy a tonne of books on the subject.

We'll explore what we'd like to be different, what habits might help, how we can get started, and more importantly, keep going.

When I grow up - finding purpose

Not everyone comes into this world with a vocation. The rest of us can feel aimless, purposeless, even useless. 

This workshops aims to get participants back in touch with the things that they love to do, the things that excite them. It might not directly equal a career path, but connecting with those forgotten joys within us can be liberating and satisfying enough in their own right.

Do you know where you're going to? - re-adjusting your course

If you want to keep heading in the right (for you) direction, you need to check in see where you actually are every now and then. It's so easy to drift off course and it can happen in a moment.

Take time to remind yourself what it is you want, where you are, what's getting in the way and find ways to get back on track.

New Year, New Theme - Create your theme for the year ahead

This workshop is full of reflective fun to capture insights, learnings and perspectives to help participants set their intention for the year ahead. It's not about goals or resolutions, more about setting the tone for our life for the year ahead.

The De-clutter Room - creating headspace

Life demands alot from us. Distractions, demands, responsibilities. This workshop gives participants a chance to have a good rummage around to see what’s in there (your mind) from day to day irrelevances to recurring thoughts and worries. We'll use creative exercises to get some perspective and insight, examine (and sometimes interrogate) recurring thoughts or beliefs, think about what we’d like to focus on and look at what we’d like to ignore, accept, let go or do something about.

Me, Myself and I - Mastering being your own boss

Whether you're your a freelancer an entrepreneur, or someone who works remotely (most of use these days!), this workshop helps you to take some time out to tap back into your motivation, review and improve your working practices, and fine tune your environment so you can make the best of your tiem.

Whose success is it anyway? Defining success for you

Most of us don't stop to think about what success means to us. We're not encouraged to think about it either because what most people find is it's the simple things that really matter (and essentially not things money can buy).

Take time to really stop and think about what living a good life means to you and start measuring yourself by what you want, not what everyone else (seems) to want.

Jane Austen Retreat for modern women (and men)

It's my view that we take hardly any time to lay on a fainting couch, take a turn around the living room and just be allowed to recover from day to day life. We lose jobs - crack on and get another one. We lose relationships, get over it and move on. A narcissistic boss haunts our sleeping as well as waking moments - learn to work around it. I could go on, but you all know the drill.

Whatever your nervous eclipse, this retreat gives you time to recover, replenish and look after yourself. So don your favourite indoor bonnet and join me for this four hour block of time just for you. If you don't already have it, let me give you permission to do so.

Calendars, diaries and schedules, oh my - finding practices that work for you

Managing our time - using our time effectively is a real challenge. This workshops gets into the nitty gritty of the habits and tools that we use. Explores and introduces participants to new ways of working. We'll look at classic as well as current tools and approaches, picking out what might work for us.

One for me, one for you - maintaining a healthy work/life balance

For some, it's best when life and work blend together. Some prefer a clear designation between one and the other. It's easy to let work bleed into leisure time and this workshops helps participants to set and maintain boundaries whilst meeting work demands and deadlines.


Creativity Workshops

All workshops use creative exercises, including free writing (no experience required), to explore, surface insights and give new perspectives. Workshops also give participants tips and tricks as well as key principles to build their writing practice, whatever their desired outcome.

Workshops can be tailored to both topic and audience

Ways into writing

"A blank page is God's way of telling us how hard it is to be God" Sidney Sheldon

This writing workshop explores ways to get participants writing. Not to learn about structure, the rules, the regulations, the expectations. Just to start writing.

Participants will leave having written a good few pages, they'll leave with hints and tips to start and keep writing and the confidence to give it a try in the knowledge that writing just because you enjoy it, is allowed.

Write for your Life - fun, rule free writing for everyone

We use free writing and discussion to explore different topics and themes, or just free flow from one piece to the next. This combination of writing and sharing never fails to connect those taking part in the joys and challenges of being human. It can also be a lot of fun and a great creative outlet.

Workshops are great for stress relief, confidence, and uncovering different perspectives and sometimes surprising insights. It’s also a lovely way to celebrate your ‘you’-ness and realise that you're never alone when you have a pen in your hand.

Creative Me - Exploring Permission

People don't struggle with permission to play football, make curtains or cook great food. But ask someone if they're a writer or an artist, and you often find an anxiety ridden individual who feels like they're knocking on the door of a prestigious members club in pair of scruffy jeans and unwashed hair. 

The biggest problem is that people let this get in their way of creating. In this workshop we explore fear and permission so we can gently move these things aside and enjoy creating, whatever that means for us.


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