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Prompt Prescription

E-mail coaching using writing prompts

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Prompt Prescription 

Prompt Prescription is a new E-mail coaching service to help you work through specific goals and challenges - using writing.

In summary, here's how it works:

1. You tell me about your current challenge or goal.

2. I send you a writing prompt.

3. You write from that prompt.

4. You share what you’ve written and/or your experience of the writing.

5. I send you a further prompt.

6. Repeat for as long as you like.

Writing can be extremely powerful in helping you to take a step back, get some perspective and insight and to take action. 

"Prompt Prescription has really helped me identify blockages and given me the tools to move ahead.  Claire was able to see the story behind the story and came up with some amazing prompts." Caroline

"Claire's Prompt Prescription service really helped me get unstuck when I was feeling down about my writing. The prompts helped me explore some of the issues I was facing in a fun way, that proved very enlightening. They followed a progression through my thoughts and feelings that unlocked attitudes and ideas I never would have reached on my own! AP

Some experience of writing for yourself, e.g. journalling, might be helpful, but it's not essential. ​If you’d like to discuss this or anything else, please contact me for a brief chat - no obligation, no charge.

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£15 for up to five prompts (to be be used within one month)

£35 for ten days of unlimited prompts

£55 for one month of unlimited prompts

Emails are responded to within 48 hours.

Click here if you need to make payment, thank you.


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