Caroline - Prompt Prescription (email coaching using writing)

Claire's Prompt Prescription has really helped me identify blockages and given me the tools to move ahead.  Claire was able to see the story behind the story and came up with some amazing prompts. They were concise and easy to work with. I feel that I have really benefitted from her help. Thank you.

AP - Prompt Prescription (email coaching using writing)

Claire's Prompt Prescription service really helped me get unstuck when I was feeling down about my writing. The prompts helped me explore some of the issues I was facing in a fun way, that proved very enlightening. They followed a progression through my thoughts and feelings that unlocked attitudes and ideas I never would have reached on my own. Thank you, Claire!

Brandon - Coaching

I have just completed 6 coaching sessions with Claire and found the experience thoroughly useful and meaningful.  The sessions helped me review, refocus and retune my life and work.  Claire was very easy to talk with, creating a safe friendly space to chat.  She is a great listener and asks very perceptive questions that helped get me get to the answers I had inside me.  So glad I took the step to try out professional coaching.  It has been worth every penny.

Association for Coaching co-coaching forum - workshop

One word feedback gathered by host on finishing the workshop: Refreshed and energised, tap into different thoughts, childhood, inspired, given permission not to over complicate, discovery, open and ready, relaxed, really moving, unexpected, great fun, therapeutic.

Grace - Coaching

Coaching with Claire has had such a positive impact on so many aspects of my life. At first I wasn't sure what to expect from coaching but Claire made the process easy and accessible.
Claire ensured that my 6 sessions were about me and what I wanted to achieve. Over the sessions, she was flexible and adaptable to suit my needs. Our sessions varied from face to face to online, all of which were beneficial.

Claire is a thoughtful, caring professional, and above all else, a great listener. With this she was able to assist me to look within myself and guide me to become reflective about the aspects of my life that I wanted to make changes in.

The free writing prompts carefully chosen for me by Claire in our sessions were one of the most useful skills I have ever developed. Thanks to Claire's guidance I have now learned how to make this a part of my daily life, the benefits of which are amazing.

It's hard to believe that I had just 6 sessions with Claire as the work we did together has had such a fundamental impact on my life. I cannot thank Claire enough for her work in facilitating me to recognise my potential and put the steps in place to be the person I want to be. 

Diana - Coaching

I had met previously with Claire through her Meetup free writing groups, and was SO happy that I decided to go further and book 6 weeks worth of one-on-one life coaching sessions by phone. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to work on (my career paths), and together we established what I would ideally like to achieve in the 6 weeks. And I can safely say, thanks to Claire, I blew past my expectations and am so proud of the work I was able to do – both emotionally and mentally, but also in tangible measurable actions. Claire is a fantastic listener, and asks excellent questions. We usually would do one or two 5-min free writing prompts per call, and it would never cease to amaze me what Claire’s thoughtful prompts were able to tease out of me. I’m very pragmatic and structured, and Claire was able gently expand both my views and tool sets to better cope and make decisions, helping overcome the cycle of indecision and buffering that I had allowed myself to fall into. I can whole-heartedly recommend Claire if you are looking to invest time and money on yourself.

Stacey - Coaching

Claire has been a fantastic coach for me. I’m recently self-employed and was feeling overwhelmed with my workload but being very unproductive at the same time. I thought I needed motivation to get busier, but I really needed space to figure out what was making me overwhelmed and what was really important to me. I had never done free writing exercises before because I have a blocker about not being a good writer, but Claire led me out of my comfort zone and I was amazed how much clarity we got in such a short period of time. Claire was also very skilled at identifying the key points and triggers in what I was saying and listened so thoughtfully. Her insights helped me to realise my own insights. Really grateful for the work we’ve done together and will definitely use again. Thank you Claire!

Will - Coaching

I first met Claire when making my escape from the corporate world.

Having successfully changed careers I found myself taking on a level of responsibility and workload significantly greater than anything I had experienced before, and linked with this came stress, and plenty of it.

I needed help stepping back from the day to day to create space to move forward. I worked with Claire over a six week period. A complete novice to free writing (verging on sceptic),

I could never have imagined the value to be gained from putting pen to paper and just letting your hand move - the pen taking you in whatever direction it saw fit. Through creating a safe space to share what I had written Claire unlocked a whole new side of me that I wasn’t aware existed – intrinsically in tune with my needs and blockers. It’s amazing the reflections and realisations I could make by finding an outlet for my subconscious.

Over the course of the six weeks I gained invaluable headspace that allowed me to take stock of my reality and the challenges it entails. I reassessed the expectations I placed on myself, took a step back and started to learn the invaluable art of delegation.

I finally had some space to start pushing boundaries and taking risks, which was both exciting and effective.

I wasn’t given all the answers on a plate, but rather a tool that started to unlock the answers from within, allowing me to help myself.

Thanks Claire for being endlessly patient and willing to take on a challenge. You opened my eyes to something I never knew I was capable of and I’m eternally grateful.

JM - Coaching

I get a lot out of my sessions with Claire. She's a really patient and empathetic person with a lot of wisdom. I found myself making of a lot of progress towards my goals when working with her, and I really looked forward to the chats with her each week.

Mara - Coaching

I had one session with Claire after handing in my resignation at work and finding myself confused about what to do next. Claire was approachable and open from our first introductory phone call. I had a face to face session which I found extremely beneficial. I was able to make some clarity in what was really bothering me at that stage and learned about free flow writing which is something I have kept using ever since.

Cathy - Coaching

I found Claire to be an excellent coach. She is very perceptive and thoughtful and gave me great feedback and support in determining how and where I should focus. The coaching I experienced with Claire really made a difference at a time when I needed to make some career choices. I could not recommend her more highly.

Bnita - Coaching

Thank you so much Claire for your helping me find which direction to follow. I found your life coach session extremely useful - completely different other counselling session that I have had in past three years. I definitely will return.

Mithra - Workshops

I think I could speak for others when I say that this Meetup is so important to all of us. 
It is something we look forward to and wish it was every week!
It gets us out of the house to come to a nurturing, safe fun environment where you gently inspire us to write. Thank you for being such an amazing soul.
You really make it happen!

Lisa Workshops/Coaching

I attended a series of writing workshops with Claire over the summer and thoroughly looked forward to them every week. Claire has a wonderful way of structuring her sessions to support you to get comfortable with writing. I found myself writing much more creatively than I have in years, and I definitely achieved what I had hoped to in the sessions – I initially signed up as I wanted to explore writing for fun again and shake off the restrictions of ‘writing for work’ for many years. Claire really helped me to achieve this with her encouragement and guidance, I wholeheartedly recommend her workshops!

Annie - Workshops

The lovely Claire led the session, giving us a prompt and then setting us loose on the page for five minutes of freewriting. We mostly wrote about pens - why we chose the one we chose out of the selection presented to us, and then more specifically about the pen itself. Then we swapped pens and wrote about the new one we were passed.

Each of us read out our pieces at the end of each five minute writing slot, and it was amazing the range of thoughts and images that were produced. My contemplation of my various pens took me to some introspective places, both humorous and dark.

I’m not intending to use any of those pieces for another project. They existed in that moment and I’m glad to let them go. They reminded me of the joy of simply writing, going wherever my mind takes me, and not worrying about form, function, content or purpose.

I will definitely be going back when I can, and I very much look forward to more random exercises in brain splurging with Claire and the other members.

Hanane - Workshops

Thank you C for a great evening. Love how free writing can be such fun but also uncover some interesting/deep stuff. Look forward to more!

New Year Workshop - Create your theme for the year, 12 January 2019

"I loved meeting the other people at the workshop. Our paths wouldn't normally cross and it was interesting to hear their view of the world, their struggles and prioritises. 

The exercises were different and fun and thought provoking."

"The different exercises allowed me to see things about myself I wouldn't normally see and sharing your thoughts out loud meant that they were 'more real' and you can view them differently."

"It was experterly facilitated with lots of fun and laughter. "

"It was a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and was fun.

"I thought the atmosphere was one which encouraged sharing and openness and this was mostly engendered by the way the facilitator demonstrated her own openness and vulnerability." 

"Through doing the exercises, what lay beneath was able to come to the surface."

Carlo - Workshops

"I really enjoyed Claire's workshops. She provided a friendly and safe space to express ourselves through writing with creative and thought provoking prompts. Highly recommended for those who loves writing and journaling"

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