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"I absolutely love Claire's writing meetings. There's something special about the people who appear. The way she facilitates discussion and sharing lets us be our authentic selves and I can see the real me in the eyes of  others and, in turn, see who they truly are. She has this warm curiosity and her prompts always lead  me to amazing self-discoveries that I don't think would be possible otherwise. Some things are just hard to put into words, if you want to understand what I mean by "Claire Magic" you should check yourself. I can't recommend enough!" Ania, October 2021

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Creative group journaling is like journaling, just with other people!

Suitable for everyone - no grammar or spelling required - the sessions consist of free-writing prompts and writing exercises which get people's pens moving and minds opening. People then share in pairs (whatever they’re comfortable with).

This is writing as a tool, not to produce a 'piece' - no grammar or spelling is required.

Below is a brief description of each session. For a bit more information on each of these sessions, click here

Introduction to WFYL Creative group journaling - Monthly - 45 minutes - FREE

If you’re unsure if creative group journaling is for you, then come along to a session that will  give you the opportunity to learn a bit more and a chance to try it out. This is repeated monthly and is free. More info. Click here to book.

Write for your Life - Creative group journaling - Monthly - 1 hour

We start with a random prompt to get our pens moving and then follow the topic that emerges individually and within the group. More info. 

Click here to book.

Write for your Life - Creative group journaling SPECIALS - Ad hoc - 1 hour 45 mins

‘SPECIALS’ have a very particular topic, for example the New Year Theme workshop where we reflect on the year gone by and set our intention via a theme for the year ahead. More info. Click here to book.

Start Journaling - a WFYL monthly session - Monthly - 1 hour

This session will kickstart, or reboot your journaling practice. I’ll give you full permission to do it your way and find out what that is. More info here. 

Click here to book.

Keep journaling - a WFYL session - Monthly - 1 hour

This session is for those of you who have a journaling (or writing) practice and just need some space to actually do some writing. Sometimes it’s hard to find time and this session gives you that dedicated space. ​More info. Click here to book.

Journaling for progress -  a WFYL session - Monthly - 1 hour

Whether you’re self-employed and want to check-in with your strategy, want an independent space to review how you’re doing against your own personal as well as career goals, or anything else. More info.

Click here to book.

Bespoke sessions

As well as regular public sessions, Write for your Life workshops can be adapted to any topic or situation and can be a great wellbeing and creativity intervention for teams as a one-off or regular session. More info here. Contact me to chat.

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