Creative group journaling is like journaling, just with other people!

Sessions can be run as a one-off around a particular topic, or a regular drop-in. It provides people with:

* Have some fun and release a bit of stress

* A place for self-reflection and discovery

* Space to express creativity

* A chance to connect to self and others

Suitable for everyone - no grammar or spelling required - the sessions consist of free-writing prompts and writing exercises which get people's pens moving and minds opening. People then share in pairs (whatever they’re comfortable with).

This is writing as a tool, not to produce a 'piece' though those with an interest in writing often find this a useful way to come up with ideas or just get their pens moving.

For more information about how I can help enable your teams to support themselves and others through this simple activity, do give me a shout. 

Bespoke sessions are also available. More info here.

For information on public workshops, click here.