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Write Thinking

Exploring ideas and creative problem-solving

Write Thinking © 2021 by Claire Pearce is licensed under CC BY 4.0 


Writing unlocks doors; to ideas, perspectives and insights. It 'outs' elephants in rooms, gives people a way to express their thoughts, brings people together and gets everyone involved. It can also be a lot of fun.

I've created ‘Write Thinking’ - a new methodology using writing prompts to help individuals and teams to dig a little deeper and come up with surprising insights, fantastic ideas and often, more than one new perspective. Largely inspired by free-writing techniques, this methodology also draws on creative writing, journaling and coaching techniques.

'Write Thinking' techniques can be used in both coaching and workshop facilitation. It’s not only incredibly dynamic and useful; it can also be great fun, sometimes moving and always energising and enlightening. The most common words that come up in one-word checkouts (at the end of workshops) are: energised, inspired, interested, curious, lighter and hopeful.

Used independently or integrated with other methodologies, 'Write Thinking' techniques (from warm-up to brainstorming and visioning) add a creative, fun and illuminating dimension to creative problem-solving. 

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