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Stop thinking, start writing

Write Thinking is a fresh, unique and playful facilitation and coaching approach using creative writing and journaling exercises to unlock thinking, surface ideas, connect to goals, solve problems and build resilience.

​It’s great for:

* Perspective and insights leading to ideas

* Clarity, focus and headspace

* Self-awareness, care and discovery

* Building teams and relationships

* Learning and reflecting

It can be applied to any topic, audience or desired outcome whether planning, product development, learning or team-building.

​How it works

By throwing out the writing rulebook and using writing simply as a tool, people are free to write without editing themselves, which they generally do when speaking.  

​What it involves

​Participants take part in timed writing exercises where they are encouraged to write freely (keeping the pen moving). The writing itself is not as important as what it surfaces and what can be learned from the experience of writing on a particular topic.

We write differently – often more – when writing with other people. We get the opportunity to be witnessed and to learn from each other.


* Expands imagination and unleashes ideas.

* Everyone can take part, no matter how ‘creative’ or not they may label themselves.

* People leave more deeply connected to the topic, themselves and others.

​* It's fun and enlightening and can unleash forgotten creativity.

* ​All voices and ideas are heard and the group leaves feeling united, energised and inspired.

* ​Gives people new techniques to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

* Builds confidence.

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