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Connecting people for more engaged, effective & successful teams & groups


I'm Claire and I connect people so that they can be more effective, more engaged and ultimately more successful.

Whether a group of strangers coming together for the first time, or established teams with a common goal, the way I work gets people talking and sharing.

They’re energised and engaged and all voices are heard. People may even have some fun along the way.  

When people share what’s real for them, ice is broken, trust is built, relationships and teams are strengthened. People feel validated and, most importantly, seen. It’s powerful stuff.

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I use guided writing prompts that help people surface what’s beyond their usual thoughts. This often surfaces people’s often hidden inner resources which builds their creatvie confidence and courage to be successful.

Writing (no experience required) and sharing in groups may not sound like much fun, but I promise, it’s where the magic happens. 

Not only do people need no writing experience, but also no grammar, spelling or even sense is required making working this way suitable for everyone. Don’t just take my word for it. See testimonials and case studies here.

Through writing together and bringing groups together, I’ve helped to:

  • Explore the secrets of succession in innovation

  • Visualise success for a team

  • Develop a tagline for a group

  • Explore and unleash individual creativity

  • Set a theme - an intention - for the year head

  • Reflected on lockdown and captured lesson's learned

  • Surfaced the joy of writing for confidence at a University

  • And lots more... give me a shout to hear more

Case studies for these examples and more here.

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Everyone is creative but sadly, people don’t always realise or believe it. People are also courageous and bold but don't often have ways of surfacing these parts of themselves. This is where writing can help.

Writing freely (no experience required) opens the door to innate creativity and untapped resources where insights, perspectives and ideas are surfaced; things that thinking alone can't always reach. 


Case studies

ideasUK2022 Presentations Thur-1395.jpg

Ideas UK Conference, November 2022

christian-man yellow smoke-unsplash.jpg

Public Workshop, October 2022

Image by George Pagan III

The Fostering Network Wales, May 2022

Team Building 1 Nov 2021.jpg

Pharmaceutical Sales Team, October 2021


Association for Coaching, December 2019

Preaching Crowd

Workshops and coaching


Freelance Facilitator

Whilst I love running my own workshops or sessions, I also enjoy freelance facilitation. Most recently I've worked the following public deliberations:

* Ipsos - Climate adaptation (April 2022)

* NatCen - The role of Biomass in achieving Net Zero (June 2022)

* Ipsos - What role can Heat Pumps play in contributing to Net Zero (Sept 2022)

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Journaling Coach

My role as your Journaling Coach is to help you explore your goals using journaling, during the session and beyond. I'll help you to stay on track and face blocks that arise along the way.

Journaling Coaching is great for: Self discovery and care, achieving goals, unleashing creativity​, creating headspace, accountability and encouragement and building habits​.

Also available through Prompt Prescription (email coaching)

Prompt Prescription is an Email coaching service. As with one to one coaching, it aims to help you work through specific goals and challenges, but with Prompt Prescription we use writing (via email) instead of speaking.


​Emails are responded to within 48 hours.

No writing experience is necessary.

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Developmental Editor

Oh, and when I have five minutes, I love to give developmental feedback for non-fiction books.

Having read every self-help and business book going as well as written my own blogs and guides, I'm well placed to help you with structure, themes and content and get your book moving in the right direction.

Give me a shout if you'd like to chat about your project.

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