Claire Pearce


I'm Claire and I'm all about encouraging everyday people to feel  confident, courageous and able to be creative in tackling problems, challenges and opportunities.

Whilst everyone may not be an artist, pretty much everyone is creative when it comes to solutions, at home and at work, every day. 

That’s why I developed The Write Idea a course based on my own methodology which uses creative writing and journaling techniques to explore, reflect and come up with great ideas. The course is designed to give people - no matter what their job title - the tools, confidence and courage to solve problems and face challenges more creatively so they will be more engaged with their work, be more productive and enjoy their work.

I also work as a Freelance Facilitator and a Coach and have developed my own methodology 'The Write Idea' which uses creative writing to dig a little deeper.

In celebration of what writing and creativity did for me, I run regular Write for your Life creative group journaling sessions which can be great for team-building, supporting well-being and so much more.

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