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I'm Claire and I want you - whether you run a business, manage a team or simply live your own life - to feel creatively confident so that you can be successful.

In business, that may mean being more agile and innovative. At work it may be getting teams more engaged and working more effectively to solve problems together. As an individual it may mean understanding who you are and what you want so you can live a happy, more satisfied life.

I've developed an easy to use, unique and creative approach I call Write Thinking that accesses things thinking can't always reach. It's packed full of tools and techniques to explore topics, uncover ideas, get connected to goals and loads more.

Write Thinking techniques require no talent, interest or experience in writing. Grammar, spelling and 'good' writing are actively discouraged.

Click for more information on:

* Write Thinking for innovation The Write Idea

* Write Thinking for achieving goals/solving problems Coach yourself with a Pen

* Write Thinking for self-discovery and creativity Write for your Life

'Permission to be Creative' is a short talk I gave over the summer to remind people - regardless of their role - what creativity is all about and how they're creative, every day. Here's the link in case you missed it (it's just over 20 minutes). 

​In addition I work as a Freelance Facilitator and a Coach

and also love to get involved with developmental editing for non-fiction books.​