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Untapping inner resources for success

Creative journaling courses and workshops for business, for life

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As well as: The Inner Boardroom, Coach yourself with a Pen, Creative Journaling and Write for your Life, I also run bespoke workshops and courses. See case studies below.

I run regular public workshops called Write for your Life. Click here for more info.

"'Coach yourself with a Pen' unlocked some quite profound revelations for me about what was going inside my head and helped identify some practical actions I could take to address a particular issue. Sessions with Claire are always a joy, always provide unexpected insight and are always a great opportunity to explore interesting exercises in a supportive and encouraging environment."

Annie P September 2022

Using writing - no experience or grammar required - enables you to access what's behind the 'thinky' stuff that occupies your busy mind. 'Writing' as an activity may sound a bit dry, but trust me, using writing simply as a tool is dynamic and fun and accesses lush and fertile ground full of insights, perspectives and ideas. 

In addition, writing prompts create headspace, unleash inner resources and build Creative Confidence.

Writing and sharing together is easy to do, breaks ice, allows all voices to be heard, builds trust, validates and connects people. It's where the magic happens!

Case studies here.

"I found the session surprisingly powerful – who could have predicted my bookshelf would tell me what I needed to hear that day!"

Product Owner at HSBC, June 2021

I'm Claire. My job is to encourage and inspire you, your team and organisation to tap into your inner resources and creativity through the dynamic and transformational act of creative journaling. You can then grab hold of the courage you need to  lead a more vital, enjoyable and successful life.

Through a range of workshops, courses and working 1:1, I'll equip you with new, easy to use skills that'll help you to tackle challenges, push through blocks and take action.

Having people discover - with delight - that they are actually, inherently creative and that they have a whole range of internal resources they can call upon, 24/7, is inspiring to witness and I'm lucky and privileged to see it often.

"I'm so grateful I discovered you. I have been to several different therapeutic writing workshops, courses etc over the past 2 years, and yours is by far the best I've ever done. Not that it's a competition, but I've never gotten so much from a session!" Kate 2021

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Case studies

Here are some examples of how I’ve worked with groups. Click for further testimonials

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Ideas UK Conference, November 2022

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Public Workshop, October 2022

Image by George Pagan III

The Fostering Network Wales, May 2022

Team Building 1 Nov 2021.jpg

Pharmaceutical Sales Team, October 2021


Association for Coaching, December 2019

Preaching Crowd

Workshops and coaching

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Journaling Coach

My role as your Journaling Coach is to help you explore your goals using journaling, during the session and beyond. I'll help you to stay on track and face blocks that arise along the way. 

Journaling Coaching is great for: Self- discovery and care, achieving goals, unleashing creativity​, creating headspace, accountability and encouragement and building habits​.

"I have just completed 6 coaching sessions with Claire and found the experience thoroughly useful and meaningful.  The sessions helped me review, refocus and retune my life and work.  Claire was very easy to talk with, creating a safe friendly space to chat.  She is a great listener and asks very perceptive questions that helped get me get to the answers I had inside me.  So glad I took the step to try out professional coaching.  It has been worth every penny." Brandon - coaching

After post-coaching catch-up: "I forgot to mention last week that a new tool I've been using in the last 3 months, inspired by the coaching  sessions has been, download writing. When I've had something on my mind, going round and round, and round again, usually in the early hours, I've been picking my phone notepad and typing until the thoughts are more processed or dowloaded. Its been great for better thinking, self coaching through something, peace of mind and going back to sleep. There's also some trace of thoughts, ideas, even actions to refer to the next morning. Can't tell you how powerful that has been for me. I'm a fan, thank you."

Also available through Prompt Prescription (email coaching)

Prompt Prescription is an Email coaching service. As with one to one coaching, it aims to help you work through specific goals and challenges, but with Prompt Prescription we use writing (via email) instead of speaking.


​Emails are responded to within 48 hours. ​No writing experience is necessary.

"Claire's Prompt Prescription has really helped me identify blockages and given me the tools to move ahead. Claire was able to see the story behind the story and came up with some amazing prompts. They were concise and easy to work with. I feel that I have really benefitted from her help." Caroline, Prompt Prescription, 2021

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Freelance Facilitator

Whilst I love running my own workshops or sessions, I also enjoy freelance facilitation. Most recently I've worked the following public deliberations:

* Ipsos - Climate adaptation (April 2022)

* NatCen - The role of Biomass in achieving Net Zero (June 2022)

* Ipsos - What role can Heat Pumps play in contributing to Net Zero (Sept 2022)

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Developmental Editor

Oh, and when I have five minutes, I love to give developmental feedback for non-fiction books.

Having read every self-help and business book going as well as written my own blogs and guides, I'm well placed to help you with structure, themes and content and get your book moving in the right direction. Click here for examples.

Give me a shout if you'd like to chat about your project.

Book time to chat here

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